Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Americans and the Weird Sports they Play

For a country full of people who make fun of perfectly normal things such as a five-day-long cricket match, they sure do play a lot of weird sports - and I'm not talking about baseball and American football.

Allow me to enlighten you.

Ultimate Frisbee

It never occurred to me that there was ever, or could ever be, anything "ultimate" about throwing a frisbee. This could of course be because any frisbee that was thrown by me is likely to find itself falling limply to the floor somewhere six miles east of where I had meant to throw it. Nonetheless it was incredibly strange to me, when I stepped foot upon these shores once again, to find out that, not only was frisbee an intense team sport here, but that people - especially people in Provo - were actually rather fond of it.

Still unsure of exactly how the rules work, it appears to be some kind of cross between netball and soccer; with a frisbee.


All those hours after school spent watching Recess finally paid off, when I discovered that kickball is in fact a real sport. That people play. Competitively. Again, being a mostly inexperienced kickball player (as in, I have never seen or played in a game, ever), I can only gather something of the rules; but it seems to be baseball, but with a dodgeball.


This is a game that I had never even heard of until I played it. Volleyball, but in a sort of squash court, so that the balls can bounce off of the walls. Very strange.

So there you have it, three new games that I still have yet to understand. However, as I see it, the point of these is simply to have fun. And I'm always looking to expand my repertoire of fun. Anyone have a frisbee?