Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The World European Championships 2012

I feel like something of a failure, because I have failed to comment on that most dramatic of tournaments, the European Championships. If you need proof of just how great a competition it is, look at the way the entire world is enthralled - and that's without incorrectly adding the word "world" in front of it like some American sports might (you know who you are, Major League Baseball).

Anyway, what a great start to Euro 2012! My vote for goal of the tournament so far is this one by Blajsdfhdfus (or something like that) for Poland:

...but Van Persie's effort against Germany could run it close. Incidentally, the Group of Death is more than living up to its promise, and I'm excited for the conclusion.

England meanwhile, are chugging along happily, securing a draw against France, and looking to get a win against Sweden.

The biggest surprise however, has been Russia, who are looking really good so far. Dark horse? Maybe.

Meanwhile, Roberto Di Matteo was finally rewarded for winning the Champions League last season with a two year contract. This is the most exciting Chelsea management decision in years, so here's looking forward to next season!

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